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We update LemonBooking every month with new features, integrations and other improvements. The most recent changes are listed below.

September 2022

Posted by Hannah, 19 September

We have three big changes to announce for our September update — a brand new & fully featured ticketing module, a contact form block for the website editor and a new integration for the FreeAgent accounting package. As always a big thank you to everyone who provided feedback for the release.

Sell tickets with LemonBooking

Starting from today you can create events in LemonBooking and sell tickets online. The ticketing module is available on all plans with a flat fee of 20p per ticket (+ Stripe/PayPal fees if you choose to accept online payments). Since there's a lot to cover in this module we have created a new features page dedicated to ticketing - you can find it here.

Quiz Night logo
BACS | Stripe

Quiz Night

Every Tuesday we are hosting an informal pub quiz with great prizes! Entry to the quiz is £7 pp and that includes one beer or glass of wine. We'll supply pens and paper - just bring yourself!


Join us next time:
19:00 - 21:30, Tue, 11 Oct


Pepperton Village Hall
Village Green

Example of a promotion page for an event
QR Code

Ticket TK-7LYBIL

Please bring this ticket along with you to the event. You do not need to print it - we can scan the QR code on your phone.

Whole event - 6 Nov 2022
Village Hall, Village, PO1 2ST

Sequence: 1 / 5
15:30, 7 Oct 22

Example of a ticket with a QR code for check in

August 2022

Posted by Paul, 17 August

Our August software update includes a new, free module — staff rotas. You can use this module to create rotas and assign staff/volunteers to opening, closing & cleaning tasks for each of your booking sessions. You can choose the start and end date for each rota and indicate whether pending booking requests should be included in the schedule.

Sessions in the period

Session details Tasks
4 Sep, 13:00-18:00
Children's party
6 Sep, 19:00-21:00
Committee meeting
9 Sep, 17:00-23:00
1 / 3

Admins, managers and assistants can assign (and unassign) themselves to tasks for any session on a rota. Additionally, admins and managers can assign other people to tasks for any given booking session. It's also possible to invite other staff/volunteers to assign themselves to a rota using the 'send email' function.

Once you have finished assigning tasks for a rota, you can choose to download the schedule as an Excel file (XLSX) or generate a HTML version that you can print or share via email:

John Smith
Ann Johnson
Bob White
Ann Johnson
John Smith
Ann Johnson
Bob White

June 2022

Posted by Aiden, 30 June

Customer feedback is really important to us. One of the most requested features in the past couple of months has been to make it easier to select large numbers of time slots on the same day. We've been working hard on a solution and are pleased to announce that it is now available for all customers in the June update:

Auto fill time slots

April 2022

Posted by Paul, 28 April

Continuing on from where we started last month, we have been working on the calendar - this time with a focus on the "agenda" view. We've received a lot of great feedback from customers over the past few months and we've used that as the basis for the following changes:

Agenda view on the calendar

The top panel is now fixed so the controls to switch to another date, filter by facility and change to another calendar view are always visible and accessible. We have also introduced a side panel with a miniature version of the calendar. You can click on the mini calendar to quickly jump between dates.

March 2022

Posted by Paul, 4 April

Even though LemonBooking has four calendar views (month, agenda, week, day), the majority of our customers use the "Month" view to display availability and keep track of their bookings. Consequently we have received a huge amount of feedback and suggestions for how the view could be improved since we announced an update was planned.

The result (see below) is some pretty significant changes for how we display bookings in this view. The most striking change is obviously the colours - you can now set your own colours and initials for each facility. Staff can also now see the activity type for all bookings while customers can see the activity type of public events/bookings.

Month view on the calendar

February 2022

Posted by Hannah, 25 February

Often when dealing with one-off bookings or new customers, it is necessary to require payment for part of the total in advance. While this has always been possible in LemonBooking, it has previously been a two task process - the booking had to be checked and then an invoice could be generated.

To save time when processing these types of booking requests, it's now possible to make the system generate an invoice for a certain amount (fixed or percentage) and optionally send it to the customer immediately. You can also set up special invoice templates and email templates if required.

Require upfront payment

In this example, the system has generated an invoice for 25% of the total and emailed it to the customer:

Invoices & credit notes

Sales and general enquiries


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