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All LemonBooking plans come with a user-friendly website editor (CMS) that you can use to quickly and easily take control of your web presence.

The website is loaded directly into the editor so you can just click around as if you were navigating the real site — and when you find the content you want to change you can simply click to edit.

Web hosting with a very high uptime score and a domain name of your choice are also included in all LemonBooking plans. Everything you need to get your venue online in one place.


Welcome to Pepperton Hall

Pepperton Hall is designed to provide a central meeting point for residents and local groups & charities. Our facilities are available for hire for wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, children's parties, presentations, lectures, fitness groups, and much more.

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Page options

Website editor > Add page
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Add pages to your site

As you get more comfortable with the website editor you can start to think about making bigger changes. A new page for local activities and events? No problem. A photo gallery to show off all your best pictures? Easy.

Manage documents

Keep track of all your documents and policies in one place using the document manager. You can control the visibility/permission for each file and choose which documents can be attached to emails you send from the system.


Name Options
Conditions of hire (2021)
PDF file (88 KB)
COVID risk assessment
PDF file (152 KB)
Conditions of hire (2020)
DOCX file (47 KB)
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Support your community

Use LemonBooking to promote your community activities & events, highlight local businesses and keep everyone up to date with your latest news. Connect Facebook & Instagram to reach more people.

Little Fishes

Little Fishes 🐠

Last updated at 08:55 on 24 February 2021
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Every Thursday (term time) from 9.30-11.30am for parents and toddlers. Come along, play and meet new friends. Volunteer run group, small charge expected to help with running costs.

9 North Road, London, LO1 2DN
Thursdays at 9:30am
Jane Smith
0203 123 4567
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Please use the booking request form to check availability and make a booking request.
We will reply to this address.
/ 1000
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Save time with blocks

The website editor comes with a library of predefined blocks so you can quickly add functionality to your site like a contact form, a Google Map or a carousel with images. You can also insert blocks that pull data from the system including your facilities, pricing and opening hours that will update automatically when anything changes.

Custom HTML code

The website editor also supports custom HTML code so you can embed videos, display social media content and create your own custom blocks.

SEO options

Website editor > Add SEO tags
/ 150
Where possible this should match content on the page.
/ 150
Keywords for this page.
Separated with commas.
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Search engine optimisation

When you create a webpage in the LemonBooking website editor, the system will automatically generate SEO metadata to make your page easy to find on Google and the other search engines. However if you prefer you can also install the free SEO module and set the page titles, descriptions and keywords for each of your webpages.


Photo gallery module

Adding this module activates a gallery for your website where you can display photos of classes & lessons, local events, community projects and much more.
This module is ready to be installed
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Add extra functionality

Extend and customise the functionality available in the different plans using modules. These can be installed as and when you need them. Examples include a news module to help you share local events and activities, a links module for sponsors, a photo gallery module to show off your best images and an SEO module to help you get to the top on Google.


All customer-facing web pages in the system can be customised to match your brand guidelines. You can upload your logo, define the colour palette and choose a font.

Image files only. Max 1024 KB
Colour 1
Colour 2
Colour 3
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More features

Booking system

Online booking requests, invoices & payments

LemonBooking specialises in providing booking management software for community venues. Keep track of your booking requests, invoices & payments — all in one place. Read more

Sell tickets online

Set up an event in minutes & start selling tickets

You can use LemonBooking to sell tickets for your events online. You can also connect PayPal, Stripe and other payment services to take online payments. More details on the ticketing page.

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