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LemonBooking is an easy-to-use online booking and reservation system for community centres, halls, hubs and other community venues.

Customers can immediately see if, and when, a facility is available online and make a booking request — saving your booking manager time and effort.

Staff can also book on behalf of others if necessary so you have all your bookings in one place.

Customers can be registered as private individuals or groups. For the latter, you can associate multiple contacts (primary contact, treasurer etc.) and set up notification preferences to match.

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Flexible invoicing for any community centre

After approving a booking request, the booking software will give you three options for your invoicing. You can also dismiss a billing task if the booking is for internal/staff purposes.

The fastest way to get an invoice out to your customer is to use the 'Standard invoice' option where the system will take all items from a booking (sessions, deposits, equipment hire etc.), generate a PDF and prepare it for you to send to the customer.

If you need to split a booking up into multiple invoices (e.g. monthly), you can use the 'Group by date' invoicing option. You select the period that you want to invoice for (e.g. November) and the system will assign everything that is billable during the period to an invoice.

If neither option is suitable for a particular booking - you can also create a 'Custom invoice' where you specify exactly what should be invoiced for. All invoicing methods can be configured to allow online payments:

Get paid online

You can integrate LemonBooking with a number of online payment providers including PayPal, Stripe and GoCardless — allowing your customers to quickly and easily pay for their bookings online.

  • Payment links

    The LemonBooking system will automatically generate payment links for your invoices and your customers can pay by card instantly.

  • Never miss a payment

    Payments are automatically recorded in LemonBooking when a customer pays online. No more payment reconciliation and no more missed payments.

  • Refundable deposits

    After an event, you can authorise Stripe or PayPal to automatically return a refundable deposit (or part of it in case of damage etc.) to the customer.

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Works with any website

You can connect the booking system to any website — or build a new one using the LemonBooking website editor.

Existing website

If you have a website, you can embed the calendar with just a couple of lines of code. You can also link directly to any of the other pages (booking form, facility info, prices etc.) since the whole booking system is online.

New website

If you don't have a website - or the one you have is difficult to update - you might be interested in the LemonBooking website editor (CMS). The editor is a user-friendly alternative to WordPress and Wix that allows you to build a website and easily keep it up to date.

Community centre website checklist

FREE domain name
A domain name of your choice is included with all plans. (,, .org, .com)
FREE web hosting
High speed, UK-based website hosting with a very high uptime score.
Email addresses
£1 each, per month. Each account has 2GB of space along with webmail, antivirus & spam protection as standard.
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Welcome to Pepperton Hall

Pepperton Hall is designed to provide a central meeting point for residents and local groups & charities. Our facilities are available for hire for wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, children's parties, presentations, lectures, fitness groups, and much more.

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Management reports

From the LemonBooking reporting dashboard you can monitor your venue's performance at a glance. You can analyse your booking & customer data on the fly and generate advanced reports for occupancy rates and financial performance in all facilities.

Reporting options

  • Booking statistics
  • Booking submission rates
  • Customer data
  • Web analytics
  • Occupancy reports (Gold)
  • Income reports (Gold)
  • Excel exports

Everything you need


Online software for community centres. Bookings, ticketing and website management in one easy-to-use system.

Sell tickets
Fundraising event? Sell tickets online with LemonBooking for just 20p. Read more.
Staff accounts
You can have as many staff accounts as you need and assign different roles to each.
Staff rotas
Keep track of who is opening, closing & cleaning every day with our integrated staff rotas.
Promote local groups
All the tools you need to promote and support your local groups/classes online.
Anytime, anywhere
Access the booking system anytime, anywhere from any internet connected device.
Customer support
Fast & friendly customer support Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm plus an online help centre.
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