September update

More updates for LemonBooking! Today we're releasing a new feature that allows you to schedule emails along with improvements to email templates, the website contact form, files for resources, bulk invoicing and more. Details below —

Scheduled emails


You can now configure LemonBooking to send emails on your behalf - both to customers and to staff. You can use scheduled emails to automatically chase customers for overdue invoices, to ask for feedback after bookings have taken place, to send work schedules to staff, to email reports to trustees/management and much more.

Options for scheduled emails

Attach documents to email templates

All plans

It's now possible to attach documents to email templates so they will be sent out automatically each time the template is used. An example would be to attach a "Conditions of hire" document to the email template which is used to reply to booking requests.

Updates for the website contact form

All plans

The website contact form now supports custom questions and user-defined subject lines so you have much more control over how customers submit requests and the information they need to provide.

Custom questions for the website contact form

Membership application form

All plans

The membership module now includes a public membership application form which you can display on your website. Existing customers can simply apply for membership while new customers can register and apply by providing a few extra details. The membership application form also supports custom questions so you can customise the form for your own requirements.

Improvements for bulk invoicing


The bulk invoicing function now supports the system setting "Multiple bookings on one invoice" so you can generate consolidated weekly, monthly or quarterly invoices for your customers who are running several bookings simultaneously.

Files for resources

All plans

It's now possible to upload files for resources (equipment & services) and these documents will be automatically attached when you approve a booking request that has an allocation for the given resource. An example could be instructions for an audio system — How to connect your phone, iPad etc.

Files for equipment and services

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback for this update.

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