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Save time and money on your heating, security & displays

Bring your venue into the 21st century with a range of climate friendly solutions. You can use your calendar data to control your heating, generate unique door access codes and display information about upcoming events at your venue.


Control the heating for your venue using your LemonBooking calendar data to optimise energy usage and reduce costs. Automatically turn your heating on shortly before customers arrive and turn it off when they leave — simple as that.

API access

As well as building an integrations for Google Nest and Google Calendar, we have also opened up our API so you can build your own custom solutions to manage your heating.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json
"data": [{
"type": "bookings",
"id": 1001,
"attributes": {
"reference": "BOOK-1001",
"status": "approved",
"participants": 40,
"cost": 1000,
"created_at": "2021-01-07T11:36:29",
"updated_at": "2021-02-22T15:45:28"
"relationships": {
"customer": {
"data": { "id": 462, "type": "group" }
Available on the following plans
Google Nest logo

Google Nest

You can use LemonBooking to control a Google Nest thermostat
Google Calendar logo

Google Calendar

You can sync your LemonBooking data to a Google Calendar
Nuki logo

Nuki smart locks

You can use LemonBooking to generate codes for Nuki locks

Display upcoming events

You can display a schedule or other information about upcoming events at your venue on a TV screen or tablet using LemonBooking. You can customise each view and apply filters to show details for the whole venue or for a specific room.

The different displays can also be configured to take into account the size of the device being used and how much information should be displayed via privacy settings.

Available on the following plans

Remote access

Save time on key management by installing smart locks and using LemonBooking to generate pin codes for individual customers or even specific events. You'll always know when your venue is occupied and by whom.

“ We chose LemonBooking to help us to make booking our Village Hall an easy and user friendly experience. We have been really happy with the outcome, our bookings have increased because it's so easy to use. Read more Invoicing is now a dream as the system knows exactly when your customers have booked and what's outstanding for the next month. Wonderful!

— Mary, Sutton Courtenay Village Hall

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