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Are you looking for an alternative to Skedda?

If you're looking for an alternative to Skedda to manage bookings for your community facilities or sports venue you've come to the right place. With LemonBooking, you can manage bookings, update your website and sell tickets - all in one easy to use package.

Online calendar & booking request form

LemonBooking provides a user-friendly online booking system tailored for community centres, halls, hubs and sports venues.

Customers can immediately see if, and when, a facility is available online and make a booking request. The system will automatically calculate the price and check for conflicts — saving you time and effort. Admin users can book for free for staff purposes as well as booking on behalf of customers if necessary. Manage everything in one place.

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“ Using LemonBooking has made our booking process so easy. The implementation was straightforward, the team really supportive and the training provided everything we needed. We were looking for an automated way to manage our bookings and this was the best answer we found, helps manage bookings, invoices and payments. So easy to configure, and very user friendly. ”

— Zoe, Marston Montgomery Hall

Flexible invoicing options

Standard invoice. With just two clicks, this functionality extracts all elements from a booking (sessions, deposits, equipment hire, etc.), compiles them into a PDF, and prepares the document for you to send directly to the customer.

Group by date. The perfect option if you need to divide a booking into multiple invoices - such as on a monthly basis. Simply choose the invoicing period (e.g., November), and the system will allocate all billable items from that period to the corresponding invoice.

Custom invoice. If neither of the options above fits a specific booking, you also have the option to create a 'Custom invoice' - allowing you to specify the exact amounts for invoicing.

All methods can be configured to allow online payments.

Available on the following plans

Works with any website

If you have a website, you can embed the calendar and booking form with just a couple of lines of code. If you don't have a website, you can use the LemonBooking website editor to build a new site for your venue. The website editor and web hosting are included on all plans.

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Online payments made easy

You can connect a number of online payment providers - including PayPal, Stripe and GoCardless - to LemonBooking to allow your customers to quickly and easily pay for their bookings & tickets online.

  • Unique payment links

    The LemonBooking system will automatically generate payment links for your invoices, and your customers can make instant card payments.

  • Automated payment reconciliation

    Payments are automatically logged in LemonBooking when a customer pays online. No manual payment reconciliation and no missing payments.

  • Refund deposits with a single click

    Following an event, you can authorise Stripe or PayPal to automatically refund a deposit (or a portion of it in case of damage, etc.) to the customer through LemonBooking.

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Available on the following plans

Customer support

Super fast support is available on all plans Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm (GMT)

No setup fees

There are no setup fees or other hidden costs associated with LemonBooking

Import your Skedda data

You can import your Skedda booking and customer data directly into LemonBooking
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Sell tickets for events

You can also use LemonBooking to promote an event, sell tickets and manage your guest list for just 20p / 25¢ per ticket for paid events plus standard Stripe/PayPal/SumUp transaction fees. There are no charges for free events.

You can run one-off and repeat events, sell different types of tickets and check your guests in as they arrive by scanning their tickets with your smartphone or tablet.

Works with your social media accounts

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